Sell Gold

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Perfect Time To Sell Gold & Cash Out

Are you thinking about selling gold? Don’t wait any longer. Historically now is the best time to sell, gold is at all time highs. Unstable US Dollar and turmoil in the economy has caused the Gold Price to climb to all time highs. Bring in any type of Gold and we will buy it.

What Do We Do With Your Gold?

We reuse it. All gold is melted down and reused towards making brand new jewelry. All diamonds and gemstones are purchased as well and they are reused towards making new jewelry.

Get more cash by skipping the middlemen businesses and sell your gold directly to an experienced jeweler! We are able to pay you top dollar because we are a one-stop shop. We don’t outsource anything and everything is done in house. Also we are a family run business, so you are dealing directly with the business owner and NOT an employee who will make commission off you. Deal with the jeweler direct, visit us today.

Selling to Classic Jewelers VS Cash For Gold Companies

We pay the current days market price. We do not take your Gold or Jewelry and sell it to another business. Cash For Gold stores typically will pay on average 30% of the market price for gold then profit the other 70% for themselves when they resell the gold to someone else. We pay 100%! Sell today to Orange Counties highest paying gold buyer.