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Do you have a luxury watch you are interested in selling? We buy pre-owned watches from top brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and many other brands. If you are looking where to sell  your Rolex watch for the highest possible cash offer, Classic Jewelers can help. We are widely recognized as one of the best places in Orange County to sell Rolex watches.

Thanks to our long history within the jewelry industry we have a vast amount of private Rolex buyers and collectors looking to buy pre-owned Rolex’s. We are able to pay our customers more than they would have obtained by selling their Rolex through an online watch auction since we cut out all auction fee’s taken by online auctions. Cash is king, don’t be victim of the outrageous auction fees that online companies take, sell your Rolex for Cash.

Our Story

Since 1912 Classic Jewelers has been providing jewelry to the public and supplying the jewelry industry. Starting in 2001 we decided it was time to incorporate luxury watches into our business model. Fine jewelry and luxury watches go together and incorporating the two has been a excellent business decision. Our customers want to save money on luxury watches and by offering pre-owned watches we are able to help our customers save money.

Any Condition, Any Model

We buy all Rolex watches regardless of the age or condition. We restore your watch to its original condition before offering it for resale. Vintage watches often times can be worth more than new, we will sit down with you and consult you what your watch is worth.


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