Where to sell gold?

We Test First

First thing we do is test your gold. We want to see what the purity of the gold is, whether it is 10,14k or 18k etc. Making sure it is solid gold and not gold plated is very important for both buyer and seller to get a fair honest transaction.

We Weigh The Gold

After testing the gold we inform you of the gold karat percentage and weigh the gold. We weigh all gold in front of the customer to give them an understanding of what the gold weight is.

We Check The Daily Market Price of Gold

We check the price of gold on the stock market exchange and inform the customer. We explain the simple math of how your gold is valued based upon its weight. We pay according to the market price for the day. Sell your gold today while its high before gold drops.

Where do I sell my Gold?

If your looking where to sell gold then Classic Jewelers is your place to go. We pay cash and we are fair. We have the reputation as the number 1 gold buyer in Orange County. We are fast, convenient and pride ourselves upon our excellent service. From buying to selling visit Classic Jewelers in Anaheim.

we pay cash

We know how important it is to get paid immediately and not have to wait for a check to clear. Also checks can be a headache when it comes time for taxes that’s why we are simple in our payouts, we pay cash.

Next Steps…

Visit our location in Orange County. We are open 6 days a week and here to serve you.

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