Who Buys Diamonds Locally

Who Buys Diamonds Locally

Who Buys Diamonds Locally?

At Classic Jewelers we buy Diamonds, loose or in jewelry. Stop in for a cash offer for your diamonds. We are expert diamond appraisers trained by the Gemological Institute of America.

The most important factor in selling your diamond is knowing what you have!

Knowing the Cut, Color, Clarity and Clarity weight is how a diamond is priced. If you don’t know this information you need to know it and we will let you know this information right away. With our experience as diamond appraisers we can inform you of your diamonds: Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat Weight.

Most of clients have a jewelry appraisal that was done by a jewelry store at the time of their purchase. This piece of information is usually highly inflated and not an accurate representation of your diamonds true value. For example, buying a diamond for $2500 dollars and having an appraisal for $5000 that was done by the jeweler who sold it to you is NOT an accurate representation of the diamonds true value. We value diamonds based on their actual resale value, not what a appraisal states.

Selling a diamond is a lot like selling a car. You would not sell your car if you did not know what its make, model, year, mileage and how much similar cars are being sold for. Same rules apply to diamonds, we educate you about all important information regarding your diamond and how it is valued.

To get an apprasail most jewelers will charge $70 to $120 to let you know what you have. Our company will NOT charge you for a verbal appraisal, we will let you know what you have for free.

Competition, you must know what the competition is selling a similar diamond to yours for. Just like selling a car, you want to know what similar cars are selling for. Consumers are going to price shop and be very price savvy, that is why it is so important to be realistic on selling price and know what you have. www.BlueNile.com is a great place to see what comparable diamonds are selling for, also www.ebay.com is another place to see what average market price is for a diamond similar to yours.

Your diamond must be priced competitively, that is the only way we are able to buy and sell diamonds.

Stop in today for a fast and easy cash offer for your diamonds and jewelry. No appointment necessary, we will be able to give you a cash offer within minutes.

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