Yorba Linda Gold Buyer

Yorba Linda Gold Buyer


We Buy Gold. From broken pieces of gold to brand new beautiful pieces of jewelry we buy it all. We also buy gold bullion. Yorba Linda residents can be confident in our top rated services.

We Buy Diamonds

We Buy Diamonds. We buy all shapes and sizes of diamonds. From internally flawless to heavily included, everything has a predetermined market price and we are willing to buy back your diamonds. We pay wholesale value for diamonds, not retail. Our GIA (Gemological Institute of America) trained staff can help evaluate your diamond and get you the highest payout for it. Yorba Linda residents can have a comfortable and private place to sell their diamonds.

We Buy Silver

We Buy Silver. From silver bullion, silver flatware to silver jewelry, we pay very competitively for it.

What else do we buy?

We Also Buy Luxury Watches! From Selling Gold, Silver, Diamonds to Watches we are your one stop shop. We are a business that buys and sells, we are constantly in demand for precious metals and luxury watches. We buy designer watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Hublot and many other watch brands. Bring in your watches today for an easy cash offer.

We Pay Cash

The old saying “Cash is King” is true. We don’t write checks or take a long time to pay, we pay immediately and in cash. We know many sellers don’t want to deposit large amounts of money in their bank of several reasons, so we pay you cash.

Yorba Linda Residents

Come to Classic Jewelers for all your buying and selling needs. We are a family run business here to service you.

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